What clients, private and corporate, say about us...

I have used A La Karte to provide kosher food for a variety of trips my family has taken.

The food is always amazingly delicious and packaged up along with heating and serving instructions for the kitchens to which we travel. Every detail is superbly thought through, to the extent that the kitchens at our hotels have commented on the professionalism and quality of their offering.

I highly recommend Ofelia Cohen and A La Karte Catering.

Daniel Erlbaum

Lower Merion, PA 

A wonderful place to order meals or something for a special occasion.

Presentation is beautiful, food is delicious and adheres to dietary needs.

Would highly recommend!

Sharon Kenworthy

Lower Merion, PA 

I have used A La Karte for both personal, and professional events, and every time I am thrilled.

The food is delicious and fresh and Ofelia and her staff are great to work with.

When I sat shiva my community sent all of the meals from A La Karte.

It was definitely food for the soul and greatly appreciated as we sat together.

Joan Denenberg

Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA 

Every time my husband or I need kosher plated dinners, when out at a business function this is where we get our meals.

Everything is always wonderful and instead of the people eating non- kosher saying
" Um what is that??"  

They say " Oooh what are you eating? That looks so good. Is that Chilean sea bass? Why didn't I get that?"
During this pandemic, they have even stepped up their game and offered tasting menus of food from around the world, and they are doing an amazing job. I just had their Thai food and it was so good. Enjoy!

Deborah K.

Lower Merion, PA 

I am the catering manager at the Rittenhouse Hotel, and have worked with A la Karte often for special kosher meals I need for my guests. I love working with A la Karte because  they mimic the menu being served to my larger group, so that the kosher guest feels like they're enjoying the same meal as everyone else. The quality is better than any other kosher caterer I have ever worked with in the past, and Ofelia is a pleasure to work with !

Abbe Stern

Philadelphia, PA 

You must get a meal from here immediately, (if you haven't yet, and even if you already have had one).
I just had the MOST delicious meal by A la Karte. From soup to dessert everything I tasted was amazing!!

The Potato Onion Bisque was out of this world warm and soothingly fantastic.

The Krab cake bites were beyond belief, really.

The steak was OUT OF THIS WORLD divine!! (I do not normally enjoy red meat).

The Pumpkin Flan is a must to perfectly finish off any meal.

Call today. This is quality food that deserves to be savored! You deserve it.

Yael S.

Newton, PA 

Ofelia's foods are a cross-over between her Latin-American native culture, her Eastern European ancestry, and her many travels around the world.

Ofelia keeps her culinary creativity within the highest kosher standards and the Jewish traditional realm. 

Delicious, upscale presentation always, family friendly, wholesome and very tasty.

Amy E.

Lower Merion, PA

A la Karte Kosher Cuisine is an incredible asset to our community !

It offers delicious, dependable and affordable kosher solutions for any occasion, from taking home dinner,

to catering an upcoming event. Ofelia is easy to work with.

Ever meals becomes a treat, as she adds creativ Latin twists to the most traditionalm dishes, making them fun...

and we learned so much during our COOKING LESSONS with her !

Elissa Haas-Waldstein

Rydal, PA 

OMG... My PLATED kosher meal looked crazy goo ! For the first time ever, I didn't feel like a freak, when dining out with my colleagues in one of the many of Philadelphia's upscale famous restaurants!


Philadelphia, PA 

Delicious ! Every bite takes you on a culinary journey filled with Ofelia's unique talent of blending many textures and tastes. It's amazing, light, healthy, and leaves you absolutely wanting to try more !!!

Dahlia Robinson-Ocken

Lower Merion, PA