ALK continues to grow with a committed team under the leadership of Ofelia Cohen, founder and sole owner.

From a skilled architect to an active mother of four boys...

From involved community builder to party and event architect...


A common thread connects all these unique roles in her life: 


Her intense passion for great food and her ability to apply her many transferable skills in design, organization, attention to detail, and to the big picture. Her superb creativity shows through any venture, project, or task she takes on... 

When she believes she can, she does it, she just makes it happen !



OFELIA COHEN, The Culinary Architect 

Born in Venezuela, to Eastern European parents, Ofelia brings a multicultural and sophisticated background, which awards her the unique combination of world-class flair, style and "sabor". These translate in her original and divine blend of traditional and exotic flavors from around the world, exquisitely presented to the eye and delectable to the taste.


She learned kitchen skills at a very young age just by watching private chefs and hired cooks in her own home. Later on in life, she became passionate about cooking as she established her big family and ‘heimische’ home, turning to be an amazing cook and a natural social entertainer. Without much formal experience, she has always cooked from the heart and with open arms to share her gifts with all around. Designing, planning and successfully running parties for family and friends, and many community programs and events, got her ready to this stage of her professional life, jumping deeper into the culinary arts and bringing A la Karte to life... L’Chayim  !


Her ingenuity is par to none. Her well-thought-out and detailed execution plans, as well as her resourcefulness and resolved will to make things happen continue to impress friends, clients, and vendors alike. As the team leader in her boutique cuisine business, she is the Culinary and Creative Arts Director for A la Karte. Ofelia has become "The Culinary Architect"