What we say and what others say...


While many people do not give much consideration to what, when, and how they eat, the act of keeping kosher makes food a matter of thought. Eating is commonly understood as an instinctive activity, but those who observe the Jewish dietary laws (Kashrut), must make regular decisions governing their food decisions, timing, and preparation so that eating ceases to be solely instinctual. Interestingly, this ancient way of eating, governed by strict Kashrut dietary and food processing laws, has become one of the hottest new food trends. Day by day, we see more Jews making the decision to keep kosher, many to the strictest of standards. 


A la Karte was created with the mission of supporting and servicing this growing population, as well as the existing observant kosher community, which until now had minimal options in our area. In the past few years, we have received increasingly requests to offer options to address other dietary restrictions, such as Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian. The more our consumers asked the more we considered it, and finally, in 2018, we have decided to add these options to our current product. 


The A la Karte team has seriously committed to operating our business to the standards and under the supervision of the Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia. Kashrut certificates are available upon request. Our goal is to enhance the lives of those who observe Kashrut in the strictest way and to connect families, friends, and business clients who wish to dine together with total confidence and comfort for the strictest ones eating. We strive to serve as the bridge between personal styles and levels of Kashrut with respect. And as we add options to fit other dietary restrictions, we have engaged in a research and consulting project to expand our product line and services. 


Even if you don’t keep kosher yourself, or you don't need to oversee alternative dietary restrictions due to medical reasons, or simple choice, you may want to cater kosher meal or event, where many need to have a dignified and distinguished option to dine. Food should always be a way to bring people together, not separate them. A la Karte is here to help strengthen these connections and to facilitate and support the personal growth of those who choose this unique dietary path. A la Karte does not pretend to be a kosher authority, but we are always willing to guide you or direct you to the appropriate authority for advice.