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by A la Karte  CATERING

Under the strict supervision of KEYSTONE K
Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia

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Since 2012, A la Karte has established a presence and a name within the local kosher community. A la Karte has become the Premier Kosher Caterer in

the Greater Philadephia area, with the introduction of new global trends and innovative culinary ideas.  We are committed to providing a response to the diversity in dietary needs, and personal choices, to Elevate Dietary Choice.

Our products are always Glatt-Kosher and Dairy-Free, mostly Gluten-Free, and we offer many options for vegans and vegetarians, all within the strictest supervision for Kahsrut standards of KEYSTONE K.

Kosher Meets Universal and Stylish

While many people do not give much consideration to what, when, and how they eat,

the act of keeping kosher makes food a matter of thought.

Eating is commonly understood as an instinctive activity,

but those who observe the Jewish dietary laws (Kashrut), must make regular food decisions,

timing, and preparation so that eating ceases to be solely instinctual

Day by day, more Jews are making the decision to keep kosher, many to the strictest of standards.

Interestingly, this ancient way of eating, timing, and processing food

- Kosher -

has become a new food trend as well.

Regardless of food trends, A la Karte serves the growing observant kosher community, since 2012

and because of increasing requests to address other dietary restrictions,

we are now committed to include Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian options in our menus.

We don't pretend to be a kosher authority, neither for other dietary modes,

but we always will direct you to the appropriate authority for advice. 

Even if you don’t keep kosher yourself,

or you don't need to observe alternative dietary restrictions, 

you still may want to offer or cater kosher meals or events,

where your guests may enjoy a dignified and distinguished option to dine.

Food should always bring people together, not separate them, and that is what we are here for. 


A la Karte is here to facilitate and elevate a service that honors those with different dietary choices,

supporting the personal growth of those who choose this unique dietary path,

as well as others who for health or medical reasons need to maintain other restricted diets.

We serve as a bridge, 

connecting these individuals with their families, friends, and business clients,

who wish to dine together with total confidence, comfort and in style !